The Balm Diggity

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This salve is packed full of skin healing herbs with anti-inflammatory, astringent, vulnerary, emollient, and anti-microbial properties that truly make it worthy of its name! Keep on hands for scrapes, sunburns, skinned knees, cuts, razor burn, bug bites, kitchen burns, chapped lips, or anywhere your skin needs some extra love! Gentle enough for the whole family. Pure lavender essential oil blends with the herbaceous scent of our herbal oil to create a lovely naturally scented salve.

INGREDIENTS: sweet almond oil, chickweed*, marshmallow root*, barberry root*, comfrey root*, comfrey leaf*+, st. john's wort*, plantain*+, calendula flowers*+, beeswax*, pure lavender essential oil >>We take pride in our ingredients that are (* = organic) and (+ = locally grown) Oil infusion is a natural process.

Variations in color can occur, but don't worry! Each salve is just as healing and potent as the next one.

2 fl oz

Made in United States of America