About Us

Rose of the Wood - about us


Deep within the enchanted wood are mysteries to unfold and secrets to be told

At Rose of the wood, we connect our visitors with the abundance nature provides and the greater sacred community. Our products are ethically sourced, harvested, and handpicked, from quality suppliers and passionate crafters. We believe in weaving energies of nature within our everyday life to enhance our deeper selves, the world around us.


Rose of the Wood - founder Michelle

For as long as she can remember, founder Michelle has always held a high reverence for nature. As a crafter, teacher, and perpetual student; she believes that in connecting with the energy around us, we can tap into a richer understanding of self and nourish the communities we thrive within. Michelle is a practicing Witch and Wiccan Priestess of over 15 years. She finds her roots in central New Hampshire with her beautiful children and loving family.