Spell Charm Bottle ~ Prosperity

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"I draw to me what I need in abundance and Prosperity."

Our spell jars are carefully crafted with a hand selected mix of magickal herbs, salts, spices, resins, and/or stones; that add power to one’s intended desire. Spell charm jars aid in charging and attracting the energy you wish to manifest in your life, you just have to add your own intention!

Place your jar in an area sacred to you where you practice your magikcal work or in a location where you wish to draw in the intended energy.

Prosperity Spell Charm: Honey Suckle, All Spice, Clover, Cinnamon, Calendula, Mint.

Hand made and crafted when the moon is right.
Each jar may vary from original photo. 

Glass Jar with cork top: 1.2"x 2.6"