Palo Santo Bath Salt Tube

Palo Santo Bath Salt Tube

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This intoxicating blend of bath salts made of Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Palo Santo Essential Oils, and freshly Ground Rose makes for a luxurious addition to any bath!

Each tube contains enough salt for one bath. Just twist off the top & sprinkle into your warm bath water, then sit back & relax.

Soaking in salt baths has been used as a way to relax & revitalize for thousands of years. Besides helping us relax, salt bathing can help ease aches & pains as well as detoxify our’s estimated that we are exposed to 700,000 to 2-million toxic chemicals each and every day!

Earht & Anchor carefully source & blends the ingredients for our soaking salts, using only high quality salts & essential oils. Test tubes are recyclable polystyrene, chosen primarily for their safety (vs glass) in their intended setting for use.

Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt, Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Ground Rose Buds, Essential Oil of Palo Santo, and Sodium Bicarbonate.

Made in United States of America