Rose of the Wood Cleansing Bundle

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By Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, our cleansing collection covers a variety of needs to clean your tools, objects, space and yourself!

Each bundle contains a 4" white sage, palo santo stick, 4" selenite wand, and 2oz large grain sea salt. Packed in a 4"x6" linen bag. 

Cleansing Bundle:

  • White Sage – can be used in practices for purification, protection, meditating, cleansing, and healing. May be burned or smoldered.
  • Palo Santo – can be used in practices for detoxifying, warding against evil, reducing stress and anxiety, cleansing, clearing, and healing.
  • Selenite – Used in the shifting and movement of energy. Helps to cleanse and clear spaces or objects that have “heavy” energy and unblocks energy flows. The high vibrations in selenite can bring light to your energy and offer clarity and calmness into your practice.
  • Sea Salt – “Of the Earth”, salt is used in practices of grounding, cleansing of negative energy, warding, shielding, and protection. Use as a barrier or combined with other elements to provide cleansing of objects, places, and creatures.

When using items that burn or smolder: always use a heat safe container, burn in a well-ventilated space, and completely snuff embers when not using. Please burn responsibly and never leave burning items unattended. These items are meant for use in spiritual practices and not meant to be ingested. For best results, store in a cool and dry place. 

Our White Sage and palo santo are purchased through small farm sources that use ethical and sustainable practices, aiding their local communities and spiritual cultures