Chime Candles

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Chime candles have a variety of uses from home decor accents to spell and ritual candles. These little candles offer a warm glow in a variety of beautiful colors. 4" x 1/2" in size. 20 candles per pack.

Colorful influences:
Red: fire,  passion, love, and desire.
Pink:  invoking emotion and inspiring it.
Orange:  strength, fire, and the sun, helping to kindle joy and kindness.
Yellow: air, solar energy, seeking clarity of thought, communication, and learning.
Green: earth, healing, growth, money drawing, fertility and prosperity.
Blue: water, healing, tranquility, sleep, dreams, and truthfulness.
Purple: influence of the mind, unlock psychic potential, wisdom, Divine feminine, and psychic ability. 
White: purity, peace, invoking happiness and strength.
Black: protection and balancing.
Brown: Earth, nature, balancing, and masculine energy.