Aventurine Copper Pendulum

Aventurine Copper Pendulum

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Manifestation. Prosperity and Abundance

Properties: Healing & Manifestation

Chakras: Heart (4th)
Spiritual properties: Brings good fortune blessing, manifestation, and prosperity.

Green Aventurine is known as a stone of optimism and good luck. It's said to be one of the luckier crystals. It can be a good crystal when looking for the bright side in difficult situations. It also supports general healing and helps to increase life force energy.

What do we like about this stone? This good luck stone is great for those who wish to manifest greater prosperity. Green Aventurine is good to wear during visualization and meditation.

Who it good for? Those who are looking to manifest greater abundance or prosperity. Also, for those who are healing or looking to rebuild depleted energy reserves.

Size: 2.5"

Made in United States